How to Look After Your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are far from being cheap. If extensions are indeed cheap, there is always a good reason for this, like poor quality. For a lot of women who love getting a new set of extensions every now and then, they hope that they will last for a long time. This is the reason why knowing how to properly care for your extensions is a must. 

Just a bit of minor modifications and additional daily care can do wonders. To ensure that your natural hair and extensions don’t suffer from any damages, you have to stay on top of your regular maintenance cycles.

How to Style Your Hair Extensions
Hair extensions for beautiful hairstyle

Depending on the type of your hair and extensions you choose, aftercare can differ a bit. But, for women who plan to get extensions soon and are interested to know more about its aftercare, below are a few tips you can keep in mind:

How to Style Your Hair Extensions 

Some of the tools you can use for styling your extensions include heat protection products, crocodile clips, hairbrush, and hot iron or curling wand.

Brushing your hair extensions should be done every morning and every night.
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To style them, apply heat protection products first to keep your natural tresses and extensions protected from possible heat damage and wear and tear. Don’t use hairspray. Make sure that your hair is 100% dry before you use heat tools. Clips can be used for neatly working on each section. Style your extensions as you like. You can blow-dry them, crimp, straighten, or curl. Just make sure that you don’t hold heat close to the bonds at the hair roots for too long. 

Washing Your Extensions 

Good quality conditioner and shampoo and a hairbrush are the tools you need to wash your extensions. Before washing your hair, brush it thoroughly. Ensure that the shower pressure is not on full force when you shower.

How To: Wash Clip-In Hair Extensions

Wet your hair then shampoo in downwards motion. Give your scalp a massage in between the bonds using your fingertips. Rinse off the shampoo properly to prevent buildup of residue. Apply the conditioner through the lengths. Rinse out the conditioner and use a towel to pat dry and remove any excess water. Apply leave-in moisture product or heat protector if you plan to blow-dry. 

Before washing your hair extensions, you can mix the conditioner and some water in the spray bottle then spray this on your extensions through mid to lengths. This helps prevent over-drying as the result of frequent washes. 

Brushing Your Extensions

You will need to use a hair extension loop brush or natural bristle paddle brush. Separate the extensions into two sections on the right and left side. Brush out tangles first. Work your way up your hair to the roots. If you are brushing near the roots, you can also brush over the bonds with a use of a soft bristle brush for your tape extensions. In the case of micro-beads and you are using your loop brush, you can brush through bonds as gentle as possible. Brushing your hair extensions should be done every morning and every night.

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