Caring for Your Corrective Glasses the Right Way

Your prescription or corrective glasses are not a cheap investment. After all, you spend long hours trying to pick the best color and frames to ensure that you will get only the perfect pair that suits your face shape, lifestyle, and sense of fashion. 

However, the moment you finally receive your glasses, there is a big chance that you don’t have any clue how to look after them properly. The sad new is that incorrect cleaning methods, neglect, and oversight can cause serous damages to the frames or lenses of your glasses. 

To help you make the most out of your glasses and make them last a long time, here are some.

Tips for Cleaning Your Glasses 

If you wear your eyeglasses for several hours or all throughout the day, their lenses can easily pick up fingerprints, dust, and other forms of grime that might compromise your vision. The best way to protect your lenses is to clean the glasses properly the moment you notice them getting dirty. 

Corrective glasses for men
Eyeglasses are designed to correct refractive errors and other vision problems

Here are some tips for general cleaning of your glasses:

  1. Get a cleaning solution and spray it on the lens before you wipe them. It is more likely for dry lenses to incur scratches because of dust and many other particles. Never use your breath or spit to wet the lenses since spit will only leave behind bacteria on it while moisture doesn’t offer enough moisture. 
  2. The primary tool you can use for cleaning your glasses is microfiber cloth. Don’t use abrasive cleaning cloths such as clothing or paper towels.
  3. Allow the lenses to air dry first before you put back on your corrective glasses

Here are the steps for occasional deep cleaning of your eyeglasses:

  1. Rinse your glasses using tap water that is a bit warmer or at room temperature. 
  2. Use a lotion-free and gentle cleaning solution for washing the lenses. Put just a few drops to ensure that there are no soap residues left on the lenses. 
  3. Wash the lenses to get rid of any soap and check if there were any missed spots. Repeat the steps above if your eyeglasses are still dirty. If the glasses already look clean, remove any water residue with a lint-free towel.
  4. Allow your eyeglasses to air dry properly in a safe spot. 

There might be times when you will need to clean your eyeglasses fast while you are away from home so make sure you have some cleaning tools with you all the time. 

Some types of glasses, like those pairs that feature specialized lens coatings, might need specific care. Make sure that you always follow the cleaning tips given by your optometrist. 

Tips for Storing Your Glasses 

The way you store your glasses when you are not using them can affect how well the frame and lenses hold up over time. Here are some important dos and don’ts to remember to ensure safe storage of your glasses

  • Do use a backup case to ensure that you always have one handy if ever your main case breaks or you left it at home. 
  • Do put your eyeglasses in the case with their lenses facing upward. It is more likely for the lenses to get scratched if the lenses are facing downward.
  • Do get a hard case that is the correct size for your eyeglasses. If possible, store your glasses in this case whenever they are not in use. 
  • Don’t place your glasses in a hot spot, particularly on your car’s dashboard while it is parked under the sun. The sun’s heat may end up warping the frame. 
  • Don’t just put your eyeglasses in any kind of bag without putting them inside a hard case first. The bag’s content may easily crush or scratch your glasses. 
  • Don’t put your glasses near vanities or sinks since it is likely for them to get exposed to or splashed with corrosive substances there. 

Always use common sense when storing and transporting your glasses. Pick another solution if something puts your corrective glasses at risk of being scratched or warped. 

Tips for Wearing Your Glasses 

Always observe good habits and practices when wearing your eyeglasses, particularly when you always use your prescription lenses. The right wearing habits can easily prevent warping. Below are a few tips to remember:

Corrective glasses for women
Corrective glasses also help when working on the computer

Never put your eyeglasses on your head

Every time you need to take off your glasses, avoid pushing them recklessly on top of your head. Your head is often wider than your face and putting your eyeglasses there might end up widening the frames. 

Avoid pushing on the nose piece

Whenever your eyeglasses slop down your nose, don’t push them back up since this will put significant pressure on its nose piece. This motion might even distort the nose piece if you are using wire glasses. 

Use both your hands when putting on and removing your glasses

Use both of your hands when you put on and remove your eyeglasses, one on each temple arm. Doing so can encourage proper alignment and reduce changes to your frames’ fit over time. 

If you often misplace or lose your eyeglasses, it might be better if you can get a glasses cord. It is better to use a cord instead of putting them in the pocket of your shirt or letting them hang from your shirt’s neck because these positions will only lead to warping. 

The Proper Way to Put On and Take Off Your Glasses

As you can see, there are a lot of things that you need to remember when it comes to caring for your corrective glasses. You cannot just get a pair and expect it to look after itself on its own. Following these guidelines can help ensure that your glasses will remain functional and intact until the time comes that you need to upgrade to a new pair. If you want to increase the lifespan of your glasses and make sure that you can get the best out of your investment for a long time.

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