How to care for your tattoo

Getting a fresh tattoo is nothing short of a medical procedure. The artist will insert a needle under your skin and create a masterpiece that will last you your whole lifetime. Tattoo care will be required for the first few weeks after you receive your new tattoo. This recovery period is crucial if you want your tattoo to shine for a long time. Scarring tissue and deformation of your skin can happen if you don’t incorporate tattoo care into your daily routine.

How you do it matters

Trying to figure out what exactly your skin needs to heal can be a bit tricky. There is a huge array of skincare product available, and that can be a bit confusing. Tattoo care starts from the second you received your new tattoo and until it’s perfectly healed.

Tattoo care

Usually, the tattoo parlor will give you a dressing that you should keep on for a few hours. Take note that tattoo care will be needed on the sensitive area of your tattoo for a few weeks. Make sure to clean your tattoo with fragrance free soap and warm water after you remove your tattoo wrapping. Clean towels and warm water are a must have for your tattoo care procedure.

Tattoo creams and lotions

When selecting a tattoo cream or lotion you shouldn’t just get any skincare product. Look for the ones that are especially designed to take care of a newly created tattoo. A good idea is to find a tattoo moisturizing lotion or cream that contains herbs and other natural substances. Avoid anything with petroleum and alcohol as that can cause irritation to your skin and you may develop problems.

Tattoo care

There are many benefits to apply lotion to your new tattoo like:

  • Tattoo lotion revitalizes your skin

    Your skin may lose some of its moisture when healing and a tattoo lotion is a perfect tool in your tattoo care toolbox as it will hydrate your skin.

  • Vital nutrients

    Your skin needs a good amount of healthy nutrients to heal properly. A tattoo lotion or cream will feed your skin with vital vitamins and speed up recovery.

  • Calms your skin

    The skin area where your new tattoo is present will be a bit sore for a few days up to a few weeks. A tattoo cream or lotion will sooth your skin and calm it down.

Tattoo care is required even after your tattoo is healed, so using creams and lotions will help the skin stay health and your tattoo to shine in all its glory. Ask your favorite health professional or tattoo artist on the best way to treat your tattoo and it will retain its great looks for decades to come.

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