Anastasia Beverly Hills – Why It Is Popular?

Anastasia Beverly Hills is owned by Anastasia Soare, who was born in Romania. It was established in 1997 and the first product line of the company was released in 2000. This brand creates prestige cosmetics with Golden Ratio’s sacred geometry, ideal for all passionate cosmetics lovers.
Soare first introduced brow shaping services and some products that are based on the brand’s patented Golden Ratio Method for eyebrow shaping. It’s credited worldwide for fueling multimillion dollar business, which surrounds this category. Renowned for having good relationships with the most renowned faces in the world, this brow revolution she popularized became a known contribution to the history of beauty.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

In year 2014, Anastasia Beverly Hills launched its new line of color makeup on Instagram, which cultivated a relationship with customers focused on product artistry, education, and responsiveness in delivering an ultimate polished look for which Anastasia Beverly Hills is known. It has also received an industry-wide recognition for various accolades and digital innovation for items including Liquid Lipstick, Brow Wiz, and Contour Kit.

The products of Anastasia Beverly Hills are available at its official website and various retailers across the globe. What makes this brand different from others is that it’s committed to cruelty-free product development, formulation, and testing.

The Person Behind Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Soare is the woman behind the success of Anastasia Beverly Hills. She immigrated to US from Romania without financial means or language skills, but rather she leveraged a fierce education and resolve in architecture and art to fuel her unique approach and entrepreneurial vision to beauty. It was in 1990 when she first introduced new brow shaping service to her clients, which became the patented Golden Ratio Method. It became her staple service and endure a new category in the world of modern beauty.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia continues pushing boundaries until today, which expand beyond the category of brow with the leading prestige cosmetics line of Anastasia Beverly Hills. Her capacity to drive growth through innovation as well as organizational focus on clients has become her leadership’s hallmark, which also gave way to the popularity of Anastasia Beverly Hills. This is the reason why many people, particularly famous faces, rely on her exceptional vision for beauty.

What You Should Know about the Golden Ratio Method of Anastasia Beverly Hills?

According to Anastasia Soare, one’s eyes are trained intrinsically to spot the divine proportion and associate it immediately with harmony and beauty. The Golden Ration is the mathematical ration in which whole is greater than the sum of the parts, which provides beauty, balance, and symmetry. Anastasia was inspired by this Golden Ratio and made a breakthrough and unique method of shaping brows. Through following such principles, she was able to make sets of arches, which are suited and framed perfectly for any face shape.

The Golden Ratio method of Anastasia Beverly Hills is its core. Every product launch is basically inspired by the unique ability of the makeup to make an illusion of facial proportion, balance, and symmetry.

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